Online Trading

Is it necessary to open bank accounts with designated banks? What is the advantage of opening an Internet-banking
account with your banking partners?

Yes. It is necessary that you open a bank account with our designated banks - HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank & ICICI Bank.

Faster credits, smooth flow of transactions and early commencement of trading are the advantages you will enjoy. You can transfer funds online and start trading. Further, if we have to make a payment to you, funds can be credited to your bank account directly.

What if I am an existing account holder with your banking partner?

That's great! You can utilize the same bank account to transact with Kotak Please mention the account details on the Account Opening form.

What if I have an account with a bank other than your banking partners?

Sorry! Your bank account with any other bank will not be useful to us in your dealing with us. We request that you open a banking account with any one of our banking partners. This will enable smooth and fast transactions and ensure faster payments without any delay like that associated with check clearance.

How Do I transfer funds from my Bank A/c to my Trading A/c?

You can transfer funds to your trading account by following the steps mentioned below:
- Log onto
- Once inside the trading section, click on Money Transfer. You will be presented with a set of boxes. Choose from Bank to
Commodity and click on Submit
- Choose your Bank name and the amount to be transferred Click on Go
- You will be taken to your Bank’s payment gateway
- From here on, the bank’s screen would guide you further

How do I transfer funds from my Kotak Commodities trading account to my bank account?

You can transfer funds from your trading account to your Bank account by following the following steps:
- Log onto
- Once inside the trading section, click on Money Transfer. You will be presented with a set of boxes
- Choose from Commodity to Bank and click on Submit
- On the next screen enter the amount for repayment and enter your trading password. Click on Submit
Your request will be validated against your ledger balance, your minimum margin request and your exposure. After processing, the available amount will be credited to your bank account registered with us on the next working day. All requests received before
11.00 pm on a working day would be executed on the next working day

I have transferred funds to my Kotak Commodities trading account but the same is not reflecting in my limits?

Please write to us through Solve Your Queries in the Customer Service menu on the trading page quoting the bank name, bank reference number, the date of transaction and the amount of transaction or call us on 1800 102 6776.

I have transferred some funds today to my Kotak Commodities trading account, when can I expect the ledger entry?

The funds that you transferred would be immediately added to your Base Capital. In case, you have transferred the funds before 11.00pm, then the ledger entry for the same would reflect on T+1 working day and if the funds have been transferred after 11.00pm, the ledger entry would on basis of T+2 working days.

What is the procedure to be followed when the funds transferred are not reflecting in Base Capital?

If the funds transferred are not reflecting in Base Capital then you need to check on the bank site through net banking whether the funds transferred have been debited from the bank account. If yes then please get the Bank Reference number and provide the same to our Customer Care desk through the contact care numbers so that the funds can be uploaded in the Base Capital. You can reach our Customer Care executives at 1800 102 6776.

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