FAQ Super Multiple (SM)

Super Multiple (SM)

This facility is available only for online trading customers.

Super Multiple is designed for traders who wish to take the advantage of intra-day trading in huge volumes and thus make the most of market conditions. It is an auto square off product. Super Multiple is a service (order type) that offers you to trade at flat 2.5% margin for selected commodities irrespective of their actual Exchange charged margins. For e.g., if Exchange is charging 7.5% margin in Zinc and you require Rs. 50,000 to trade 1 lot. If you place same order thru Super Multiple, You can trade 3 lots of Zinc with Rs. 50,000 margin as margin charged under SM is 2.5%.

You can opt for placing SM order at the time of placing new Buy/Sell order. First leg of order will be placed to exchange at market price only.

A Stop Loss price will be displayed to you at which the Stop Loss order will be placed. This price will be calculated at +/- 2% from LTP. You have to accept Disclaimer before executing order which will explain functionality of the order.

You can place Other Square off (Leg 3) order apart from Stop Loss (Leg 2) order which was placed along with Initial (Leg 1) order. However you have to ensure that 0.5% price difference is maintained between Leg 2 and Leg 3 order. In such case please note following points

  • In case Stop Loss order triggers then other Square off order, if any placed by client, will automatically get cancelled for appropriately executed quantity.
  • In case Other Square off order, if any placed by client, triggers then Stop Loss order will automatically get cancelled for appropriately executed quantity.
  • In case none of the order triggers then all pending orders will automatically get cancelled and will close open position at 11.10 pm.

Since Super Multiple offers you high exposure levels, You will have to square off all your SM open positions before 11.10 pm (11.35 pm when market closes at 11.55 pm) on the same day itself. In case you don't square off your positions, our system will automatically square off all open SM positions.

As with other normal orders that you place, you can check the order status (that has been bought/sold using Super Multiple) by clicking on the Check Order status Screen. This screen will show your order status details such as the quantity that you had placed an order for, the market price at which the order was placed and also the details of the Stop Loss order that was placed by the system by default. All orders placed using Super Multiple facility will be marked as Super Multiple.

You can modify the details of the Stop Loss order that was placed by the system but not the Market order that they had placed initially as the market order would get traded the moment it is placed. Even in the Stop Loss order modification is possible only for the trigger price and not the quantity of scrips.

For ex-

Case 1:
If you had placed an order (using Super Multiple) to buy 1 lot of Zinc @ Rs. 200, our system would have placed a Stop Loss order to sell with a trigger price @ Rs. 196. You can modify this Stop Loss order's trigger price to say Rs. 197, but not any value below Rs. 196.

Case 2:
Assuming you had placed an order to sell 1 lot of Zinc @ Rs. 200, our system would have placed a Stop Loss order to buy with a trigger price of say Rs. 204.You can modify the trigger price of the Stop loss order to say Rs. 203 but not any value above 204.

You can square off any open position in Super Multiple only through Positions window. In case you place orders by not marking Super Multiple on an order, It will be considered a fresh order and hence not a square off to the Super Multiple order.

You cannot place an opposite order in a scrip if you already have an open position in the same scrip. For example, if you place a buy Super Multiple order with a sell Stop Loss order, then you cannot place a Sell Super Multiple order in the same scrip till the buy position is squared off, i.e., to take a sell position you have to square off your buy long position first and vice-versa.

Currently Super Multiple orders can be placed only in MCX that too in selected commodities (Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Zinc, Copper, Lead, Aluminium).

There might be different reasons for non-acceptance of your order which can be:-

  • You don't have sufficient margin in your account.
  • Commodity in which you are trying to place order is not available for super multiple.
  • If price of your stop loss order is out of daily price range.

Super Multiple orders can be placed in only futures segment. Please note that position can be taken only in current month expiry however the position will not be allowed in last two working days of Expiry or Tender Start Period whichever comes earlier.

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