Advanced Brokerage Plan

A regular trader in the market carries out several trades every day. Normally, the fees are a percentage of the trade value. Or, they may depending on the size of the transaction. We wanted to ensure smooth, consistent trading and reduce the hassles of brokerage charges. So, we introduced the Advance Brokerage Accounts. It rewards you for steady trading.

Key features

The Advance Fee Account helps you earn back your brokerage charges. You pay a certain amount in advance, and slowly get it back as and when you trade. To encourage you to maintain consistency in trading, we offer you low charges during the validity period.

Benefits of the Advance Fee Account

Low brokerage charges: Depending on your trading activity, you can get back the entire fees that you paid in advance.

Validity period: Suppose your brokerage charges exceed the advance fees before the account validity period expires. You can continue to trade at the same brokerage rates until the validity ends. Customised validity is available on request.

Zero account opening charges: Kotak Commodities does not charge anything to open an Advance Fee Account.

Maximise returns: Low brokerage charges increases your profits. The Advance Fee Account helps you reduce your costs and maximise returns.

Below are the details of two plans offered by Kotak Commodities

Plan 1: Super Trader Plan - Premium

Subscription Fee Rs. 1,00,000
Validity Period 1 month
Brokerage on Intra‐day Positions (both sides) 0.015%
Brokerage on Overnight Positions (both sides) 0.015%

Plan 2: Super Trader Plan - Basic

Subscription Fee Rs. 50,000
Validity Period 1 month
Brokerage on Intra‐day Positions (both sides) 0.02%
Brokerage on Overnight Positions (both sides) 0.02%

Terms and Conditions

  • Fees would be debited in advance.
  • During the tenure of the scheme, the brokerage charges would be at the above-mentioned rates.
  • The reversal of brokerage fees will happen at the end of the validity period.
  • All statutory and services charges will be extra.

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