Online Commodity Trading Website

We at Kotak Commodities, have constant endeavor to bring to you the exemplary products and services to serve you better. Currently commodity market offers wide range of trading opportunities. To unlock these opportunities for our clients, we have trading account where our clients can execute their trades independently through various platforms.

The Features with Website are as follows

Various Platforms

Website provides facility to trade post account login. It also provides details regarding various trading platforms like KCTraderX, COLT, Kotak Web ODIN, Kotak iWIN, Kotak iWIN Touch for various types of clients.

Research Alerts

Our research team thoroughly analyses the markets on a daily basis and tells you the expected price movements of top commodities for the day. They also make Commodities recommendations during market hours on the basis of the real-time trend.

Portfolio Tracker

Portfolio Tracker is provided to all the trading account customers with Kotak Commodities for the convenience of tracking all their Commodity derivative investments in one place. It is a tool that gives you reports on the commodities that client has traded in their account with Kotak.

Research Solutions

Kotak Commodities has a dedicated research division that carries out extensive analysis of individual Commodities macro and microeconomic trend analysis to produce in-depth research reports. Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports on various commodities are available.

Free Research for Trial

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